Manjaruntu's Personal Space

"KoshkaIRC's beloved based colorful jiangshi"
Welcome to my site. I've been making sites for the past couple years or so to the point that there's too many site updates to list.
Back on track, this is where I post articles about my opinions, for example. Other than that, this is a plain ol' HTML-only site.
If I had an inspiration for this site, it would be Lolwut's site.
Enough jibber-jabber, go click on any of these dumb ol' links.

Articles - Where I post about opinions, do vents, and other stuff.
Affiliates - People who are friends with me. 'nuff said.
Sites - Sites that I recommend taking a look at.
Contact - Where to find me.
About - Know more about me.

All of the articles, and the site in it's entirety are mine, and are licensed under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL) ver. 2.
Thanks again to Lolwut for inspiring me to license this site under the aforementioned license.